About Us


AG Technologies started off with a team of IT professionals offering unique and proven educational ICT solutions, e-Books publishing, and different technology aids to schools and learning providers. Recently, we have expanded into providing businesses from Small and Medium Enterprises up to Multinational Corporations with ICT consultation services & full suite of ICT solutions.

As evidenced by our roots and the direction we are heading it is clear that our vision has always been to be evangelists in recommending innovative technology and providing total solutions locally and in the region. At AG Technologies we understand that not everyone is familiar with the technologies that are rapidly surrounding our daily lives. Therefore we have taken it upon ourselves to aggregate information from partners and bring the latest and most innovative solution to you as a hassle-free provider.

With access to many renowned brands such as Canon, HP, Samsung, Eaton, Western Digital and Seagate amongst others, we put ourselves in a prime position to help you with your IT needs. Digital signage and advertising-marketing is another industry which we will be entering to fulfill the total solution vision.


To have an established presence locally in providing accurate IT consultancy.


Providing customised IT solutions by understanding our client’s needs.

Maintaining high standard of customer service and retaining existing customers.

To deliver consistent and high quality solutions.