IOS & Android Apps Development

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Smart-phones and Tablets of the new era are picking up adoption. It has reached a point where this new market cannot be ignored. More people are checking for information online, searching for products on mobile and making decisions online. Your brand presence on the mobile space will give you an edge over the competition. We combine our expertise on iOS / Android Application development with our web app development experience to give you fast and optimized web backed apps.

We develop customized apps as per your requirements:

  • Visually pleasing Custom Design & Animation driven apps
  • Data and Information apps.
  • Tightly integrated apps to complement your web-site.
  • Catalogue and Brochure apps to drive your marketing and sales
  • Location aware Apps
  • Maps & Directions Integration
  • Multimedia Intensive Applications
  • Web site and web-services integration.
  • Address book & Calendar Integration